DIY: Ribbon Bow T-Shirt Makeover

Tuesday, March 26

This t-shirt makeover idea was inspired by Azoria's Breton Tee (above) and I think it's such a lovely way to jazz up a plain top. For my DIY version, I opted for two horizontal stripes above the bust line because I felt that this created a more balanced and flattering silhouette for my smaller frame. This tutorial requires no sewing, hardly many materials and almost no time at all.

1. You will need: Top/tshirt, chalk pencil, ribbon, scissors, ruler, candle, glue gun/ fabric glue.
2. Mark a straight horizontal line across the t-shirt using a chalk pencil and ruler. It's a good idea to try on the t-shirt first and see where you'd like the ribbon to be. I would be wary about wanting to put the ribbon across the t-shirt where the fullest part of your bust would be because the tshirt needs to remain stretchy in that area for obvious reasons.
3. Snip the end of the ribbon to match the seam line. Seal the raw edges with heat from a candle flame or other means.
4. Start gluing the ribbon over the chalk line.
5. Repeat with as many rows of ribbon as you'd like.
6. Create a little bow and glue it onto one of the pieces of ribbon and voila!

Please excuse how pilly and linty my tshirt looks! It's spent many cycles in the wash and was ready for a new lease on life.


  1. Wonderful DIY - I adore the little bow, such a sweet final touch! x

  2. This is super cute c: And quite
    easy as well! Love the cute
    little bow!


  3. This is such a good idea! : D

  4. you're so talented as always <333 anw i love the idea on you prev post :33 have a nice day loves! kiss from indonesia xo

  5. I love this idea, and a perfectly pill-y sweater is the perfect candidate for it :)

    -fifi phi

  6. cute diy :)

  7. This is so simple but turned out really well! You have great ideas - kinda missing being able to do stuff like this while overseas!

  8. It looks great! You really put effort in your diys! Keep it up <3

  9. nice DIY. the small bow make everything looks cute ;)

  10. soo adorable! I love this DIY

  11. nice post :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  12. this is so clever! would love to DIY and upcycle some of my old tops ;)

  13. This is brilliant and great way of updating an old tee.


  14. LOVELY :)


Thank you for brightening my day ❤

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